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Combining simplicity and power is not easy yet I-ionize Super Blue chlorine free capsules pull it off. It’s design is instinctual in nature, unique and original of all its competition.

I-ionize Super Blue chlorine free capsule is a submersible, water activated, ionizing capsule that controls 100% of the growth of more than 650 different types of algae, bacteria and viruses for a full 12 months, reduces chlorine dependency up to 90%, and reduces electricity, chemicals and maintenance time. It’s design as a bacterial and viral disinfectant also works as a coagulant used to precipitate dust, debris and metals.

Hot Tubs produce (incubate) as much as 10x more bacteria and virus colonies as opposed to ambient temperature (room temperature) swimming pools and need a minimum of one-capsule per each 500-gallons. 80% of microbiology control in water is related to the growth or presence of biofilm contamination and a Chlorine Dioxide flush followed by preventative ionization will remove and prevent the growth of biofilm in distribution networks.

I-Ionize SuperBlue chlorine free capsules produce enough concentrated ionization to safely disinfect your Hot Tub.

During the first chlorine free month, we suggest that you keep track of your progress by using our 30-day chlorine free history report. After the first few days, your pool or Jacuzzi will seem to maintain itself and the rest will be easy.

I-ionize SuperBlue has no effect on either raising or lowering the pH although ionization does require that your pH for ambient temperature pools remain close to Neutral (below 7.4) and below 7.6 for heated swimming pools and hot tub/jacuzzis.

For decades this product has proven itself in hotels, municipal drinking water, ice companies, olympic sized swimming pools, and in thousands of private pools and Hot Tubs.
It takes approximately three days for the initial ionization of a pool. After that the chlorine levels can be managed down to the lower percent.

The results are:

  • More stable water chemistry
  • Healthier water
  • Lower overall annual maintenance cost
  • Longer equipment life
  • A healthier environment
  • A far more pleasant and healthier experience for your swimmers (no more burning eyes, stiff swimsuits, dried skin and dried bleached hair)
  • A huge positive selling point for the unique environmentally conscious way you are dealing with the chlorine problem

If you are a swimming pool or Hot Tub owner now is the time to stop exposing yourself and your loved ones to these toxic chemicals and enjoy the natural way through ionization!

Make the change today, It’s not too late!